I’m going to be working all day this Saturday… and I couldn’t be more excited!

This weekend is Camp Good Grief, an annual youth program through Treasure Coast Hospice. The counselors of TCHospice and grieving kids get together for support and expression. I’ve been invited to join in to provide support and expression through music therapy.

As I prepare for this weekend a specific word keeps popping into my head: Perception. Everyone process death differently for sure, but, what will the point of view of a child be like? And what is the point of view of the dying person when they think of the child that is experiencing this too?

With these thoughts a song keeps popping into my head too. (It’s an occupational hazard, really. That whole song-popping thing.) The song is You Are Loved, written by music therapy colleague Rachel Rambach.

Rachel originally wrote this piece for friends who were getting married. The lyrics address not only love, but also feeling a special moment in time and remembering a special moment. The children that attend Camp Good Grief will be asked to think of special moments they’ve had with their now dead family member. I hope that this weekend they will feel the love that family member had for them and preserve that special moment within themselves.